Friday, May 13, 2011

Online Game Review: Reimagine:The Game

Hurray!Finally I evolve from my gelatinous mass to an actual writer,and it's time for that to show.For my first online game review (console games coming soon :3 ),I review the newest entry of :The Game: series,in which I actually might have noticed that "liked" meaning you already probably know how this review is going,and I find it very sad to say that :Reimagine  is a steaming pile of excrement,in spite of the other two.If you're familiar with the series,you'll know it is a very funny pile of poo,and you can point at it with your friends and laugh your hearts out,but once you look at it closer,you'll notice it's hard and filled with bugs,giving off an absolutely disgusting smell,making you realize your wasting your time with it.Maybe I'm being a little rough on the game,but it sure as hell wasn't easy on me,so why should I be?The original game is simple,just jump off the platform,and after dieing,you'll get a piece of well written and clever humor for each level,dressing your character up as people of pop-culture,or giving a topic that you hold onto.The next Game (Replaying:The Game:),was even more clever,featuring occasional gameplay modes that were actually fun and original,which you can't say for :Reimagine. Most of the problems come from bugs,because It was either a bug,or the walls were made of jam,because if I jumped on a wall during one of the games many "creative" transitions to different directions,I slid right through them,inching my way to an actual part of stable ground.another example is if I try to grab a bird from the top of the level going down,I will fail in catching it.I was absolutely puzzled on  how to get it,and then puzzled became furious,and the I was contemplating ripping my own eyes out.but after awhile,I ended up getting it by sliding in a STRAIGHT LINE.F*ck off!and let's not forget the difficulty curb in this game,as it is at a freaking peak.What happened to jumping off a ledge?too simple for you :Reimagine?Also,crawling through it,I realized that most of the jokes were boring and unfunny.THIS WAS A COMEDY GAME!I can tell that the creator was also playing a little bit to much Portal 2,as most of the levels had inspiration from it,oh,AND HE BASED 2 LEVELS ON IT!Do a couple more of those levels,and you can officially call your game "taking Portal 2 off it's Pedestal and SUCKING IT OFF"!I'm getting the impression this game was Reimagined through a Bong.

In retrospect,if you want to play a good game,look up the last two,if you want convincing to drill a hole through your ear,try :Reimagine
SCORE: 3/10
:The Game:
Reimagine:The Game:

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