Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Games!

At my local gaming parlour,I noticed a certain Splinter Cell on sale for 5.99$.I got exited because I wanted to try a good stealth game,and Splinter Cell is one of the most well known (If only my computer didn't have the processor of a ham sandwich,or I could get Thief 2,Which is supposed to be one of the best),and so far I am quite impressed with my newest edition to my growing library of games.

The game is Splinter Cell: Double Agent which is a relatively old game,explaining the price,but still has the graphics of today,but really I don't care about graphics(as long as they don't physically gouge my eyes open that is),so that is simply a plus on my part.Since I just started the game,you can hope for a full review soon,but I know from experience not to judge a game till the bitter end,so for now you can enjoy looking at pictures of cats or something...OH WAIT!

How can I forget to mention the second game I got my greasy hands on?MORTAAAAAL KOMBAT!Even though I am enjoying the fatalities now though,keep in mind that this Review will take longer.Why?because I got this one on PS3,and the thing is my friend owns that console,leaving me crippled with Xbox only games.It's o.k,I love both consoles,but I would enjoy playing Killzone,Yakuza,and the like.The Combat in the game is great and really smooth,but it wouldn't be Mortal Kombat without it,so I'm going to observe Mortal Kombat's Achilles Heel,the Story Mode,in which the devs always seem to leave mangled and broken.I'm hoping for the best,because I am a true fan of the franchise.

See you guys later...         -Leo

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