Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interesting note, in Bioshock's Andrew Ryan's name, the letters can be spelled as "We R Ayn Rand", and in case you didn't know, Ayn Rand is a big Objectivism activist. I'll include that objectivism is the belief that people of religion REALLY need to stop pestering us on what we do in our fields of science, health, and so on, and I'll excuse you for not knowing.This is interesting because Andrew Ryan is indeed an objectivist in the game, and his beliefs are clearly stated in that way, and it seems this move was indeed intentional. It is...very interesting.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Downloaded Steam!

I have figured out how to fix my computer, atleast in a way that now I can play simple or old games.I will be buying Terraria, Team Fortress 2 (PC), Killing Floor, and Amnesia when I get hold of some money, so look out for those.In the meantime, I will soon be doing the Mortal Kombat 9 review (I know I said that I would do Splinter Cell first, but I figured to just watch the story on Youtube), and I will be holding a Team Fortress 2 match tonight on Xbox 360 ( my gamertag is LeoInTopHat).Bye everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Everyone break out your plasmids,and children find your daddies,because we're going to Rapture!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Games!

At my local gaming parlour,I noticed a certain Splinter Cell on sale for 5.99$.I got exited because I wanted to try a good stealth game,and Splinter Cell is one of the most well known (If only my computer didn't have the processor of a ham sandwich,or I could get Thief 2,Which is supposed to be one of the best),and so far I am quite impressed with my newest edition to my growing library of games.

The game is Splinter Cell: Double Agent which is a relatively old game,explaining the price,but still has the graphics of today,but really I don't care about graphics(as long as they don't physically gouge my eyes open that is),so that is simply a plus on my part.Since I just started the game,you can hope for a full review soon,but I know from experience not to judge a game till the bitter end,so for now you can enjoy looking at pictures of cats or something...OH WAIT!

How can I forget to mention the second game I got my greasy hands on?MORTAAAAAL KOMBAT!Even though I am enjoying the fatalities now though,keep in mind that this Review will take longer.Why?because I got this one on PS3,and the thing is my friend owns that console,leaving me crippled with Xbox only games.It's o.k,I love both consoles,but I would enjoy playing Killzone,Yakuza,and the like.The Combat in the game is great and really smooth,but it wouldn't be Mortal Kombat without it,so I'm going to observe Mortal Kombat's Achilles Heel,the Story Mode,in which the devs always seem to leave mangled and broken.I'm hoping for the best,because I am a true fan of the franchise.

See you guys later...         -Leo

Friday, May 13, 2011

Online Game Review: Reimagine:The Game

Hurray!Finally I evolve from my gelatinous mass to an actual writer,and it's time for that to show.For my first online game review (console games coming soon :3 ),I review the newest entry of :The Game: series,in which I actually liked.you might have noticed that "liked" meaning you already probably know how this review is going,and I find it very sad to say that :Reimagine  is a steaming pile of excrement,in spite of the other two.If you're familiar with the series,you'll know it is a very funny pile of poo,and you can point at it with your friends and laugh your hearts out,but once you look at it closer,you'll notice it's hard and filled with bugs,giving off an absolutely disgusting smell,making you realize your wasting your time with it.Maybe I'm being a little rough on the game,but it sure as hell wasn't easy on me,so why should I be?The original game is simple,just jump off the platform,and after dieing,you'll get a piece of well written and clever humor for each level,dressing your character up as people of pop-culture,or giving a topic that you hold onto.The next Game (Replaying:The Game:),was even more clever,featuring occasional gameplay modes that were actually fun and original,which you can't say for :Reimagine. Most of the problems come from bugs,because It was either a bug,or the walls were made of jam,because if I jumped on a wall during one of the games many "creative" transitions to different directions,I slid right through them,inching my way to an actual part of stable ground.another example is if I try to grab a bird from the top of the level going down,I will fail in catching it.I was absolutely puzzled on  how to get it,and then puzzled became furious,and the I was contemplating ripping my own eyes out.but after awhile,I ended up getting it by sliding in a STRAIGHT LINE.F*ck off!and let's not forget the difficulty curb in this game,as it is at a freaking peak.What happened to jumping off a ledge?too simple for you :Reimagine?Also,crawling through it,I realized that most of the jokes were boring and unfunny.THIS WAS A COMEDY GAME!I can tell that the creator was also playing a little bit to much Portal 2,as most of the levels had inspiration from it,oh,AND HE BASED 2 LEVELS ON IT!Do a couple more of those levels,and you can officially call your game "taking Portal 2 off it's Pedestal and SUCKING IT OFF"!I'm getting the impression this game was Reimagined through a Bong.

In retrospect,if you want to play a good game,look up the last two,if you want convincing to drill a hole through your ear,try :Reimagine
SCORE: 3/10
:The Game:
Reimagine:The Game:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Strange thing to see Gamestop have something like this.Apparently they have forgotten the concept that people are more fond of having shiny new games,not games stained with greasy fingers caked with layers of cheetoh  dust.I'm sure they'll fix it soon,but have a look.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Friday Game (9:00-11:00)

Hello Unmet acquaintances,I have a Friday game going on Xbox Live,so if you you want to play,send me your Gamertag,and we shall rejoice in nerd friendship.Just remember,don't be an ass in game,or I will consider permanently banning you from all matches.

Games being played :Team Fortress 2,And Possibly Halo 3, Both On Xbox 360.

My Gamertag: LeoInTopHat

Reward: No rewards currently :(     

Monday, May 9, 2011

First post of many

Hello everyone (although most likely no one),my name* is Leo,and I am the head of GormlessGames,a gaming blog involving most everything about gaming.I will be doing reviews,starting game sessions,and anyway I can appease my currently unexcited viewers.I will start with making a jumbled mess that will hopefully resemble a forum.Don't worry.I have feeling this blog will get better.