Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pothead Zombies

For my second web review,I take on Pothead Zombies,a mindless protect the castle type game.The game is very simple,you and your girlfriend/wife/friend they,never really tell,like most things in this game,must fight hordes of zombie hippies,although maybe they're not,and although that would be an interesting concept, I really have this feeling they don't want to make an animatic,except for the 1 in the beginning and the one I suppose would be in the end,but I've never actually finished the game,and you might call that unprofessional,but I suppose I am,because Professionals have the ability to get loyal subscribers and beautiful comments,an ability I apparently don't possess,but hopefully one day I will.

anyway,back to the game at hand,I didn't finish the game because the game up and shut down when I got an achievement for killing 100 zombies.This is very problematic because the game apparently has no save system,this is the thing I just don't understand because save systems are programming 101 and this is a big game,well for an internet game that is.The game is by the way easy,if you want  some Pro Tips the here it is,buy the crossbow.nothing else.just buy the crossbow.Your partner will eventually start rapidly shooting when she "masters" her gun, something I could have done with my mastery of squeezing a stress ball,or greasing the trigger a bit.Oh yeah and  forgot to mention that you and your love interest are Furies,one orange and one blue,this trying to take the model of the show "Gumball" on Cartoon Network.How I know this is before gaming, I usually submit to a premeditative state using whatever I actually WANT to see on the T.V,or to put it in a way that doesn't make me sound like a pretentious douche, I watch T.V,and I sometimes find myself watching either Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network,and everything else would be Comedy Central or reruns of That 70's show.

And so yeah,he want's to make some iconic characters using something allready pretty well known,and that's all right.One game that I hold to the highest amount of respect in the Castle Defense scene is Bunny Invasion:easter Invasion,a game I play every Easter.The game is basically this but pulled off 10 times better,so if you actually liked this game,or didn't hate it at least,then go play BI:E,because really,this game has boring and overused shooting that all the other crappy games of this genre have done better,but then again,I'm sure you could do worse.


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